Audience and Gathering of PT LAPI ITB to the School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH) ITB Jatinangor

25 May 2023

PT LAPI ITB once again strengthened relations with the School of Life Science and Technology (SITH) ITB which on this occasion was held at the ITB Jatinangor Campus.

On this occasion, the President Director of PT LAPI ITB was received directly by Mrs. Endah Sulistyawati, S.Si., Ph.D. as Dean of SITH ITB along with the Heads of Research Groups at SITH ITB.

In addition to discussion and sharing, PT LAPI ITB also had the opportunity to tour several laboratories of SITH ITB Jatinangor to see firsthand the research process and the results of the products developed.

SITH ITB became the first faculty in the PT LAPI ITB series of friendship at ITB Jatinangor. It is expected to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between PT LAPI ITB and SITH ITB in the development of the best innovations and solutions.