Official! PT LAPI ITB release PT Salam Kreasi Ganesha

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01 April 2022

On Friday, April 1, 2022, PT LAPI ITB officially signed a deed for the establishment of PT Salam Kreasi Ganesha (SKG) which stood under the auspices of PT LAPI ITB. The signing of the deed was attended by Mrs. Yani Panigoro as Chairman of MWA ITB who later became President Commissioner of PT SKG, Mr. Yusmar Anggadinata as President Director of PT LAPI ITB who later became Commissioner of PT SKG, and ITB Alumni who had been moving Salam Ganesha.

With 4 business fields currently owned, PT SKG will not only be oriented towards profit acquisition but also focus on social activities that aim to provide changes that are expected to provide great benefits for the community and support ITB activities in particular.

Hopefully it can make a greater contribution and innovation for ITB and the Indonesian nation! Stronger, more spirited!